Forest, 2017

Forest (long version), 2017
inkjet print
30 x 292 inch
40 x 398.3 inch

Forest is a panoramic photograph which depicts a scene of natural woods in the area of Langley in BC. This large-size photograph is in rich of its overwhelming details. Within this picture, all of the essential happenings in nature co-exist: various plants are growing and declining at the same time. The co-existence of life and death generates a large picture of samsara. The panoramic format extends the frames of the photograph, which references the scroll format of Chinese literati ink painting. This format implies the idea of continuity, the idea of continuity not only in terms of the viewing experience but more about the idea of the continuation of the ongoing cycles in nature. Nothing is permanent except for this recurring cycle. The image reviews the sublimity of the wildness, of its beauty of life and fragility at the same time. The viewing experience aims to cultivate a contemplative reflection about ‘the way of being’ - a spirit from the Taoism, a Chinese ancient philosophy. What is visible here is the reflection of an invisible, the mysterious and powerful force of nature.

Residency project @ VAN ART FARM, Vancouver