The Color of The Air, 2018

In The Color of The Air project, Jin Hua uses online global news reports and news photographs about air pollution as material to create a series of abstract images of the air. She extracts the colors of the polluted air in the photographs to generate twenty-four images of pure color gradients, erasing all recognizable forms in them, and pairing them with corresponding text quoted from the news reports. The pictures of these pure-color gradients show nothing else than the diffusive and unfamiliar embodiment of the air in which the solid things of the world sink back. The corresponding texts elaborate the images from various perspectives, including the environment, health, economics, industry, medical care, and etc. Together, these images can be read as a symbolic visual data or an image diagram of the current air pollution in the world. These images of the air reference to the sky in the artworks of Romantic Era artists, the early Impressionist, and the early photographers, when the air itself first became a modernized conceptual field, and began to bear the forces of politics, science and technology, and media as the product of the Industrialization. Jin's work will also draw one’s attention to the rhythm of one’s breathing as if the action of breathing vibrates with the rhythm of the colors in the images. (Curator: Yan Zhou)