Dundee (2016-2020)

Dundee is a long-term, and research-based project that I started in the year of 2016.

Dundee is a rural township located in the Montérégie region of Quebec Canada. Scots settlers arrived and settled in this region in about 1800, giving this place a name from their homeland: Dundee. This project focuses on the evolution of Dundee, Quebec, in relation to the stories of Scottish migrations.

This project was shot in two countries, Canada and Scotland. In Canada, since 2016 I documented Dundee in photographs, capturing its landscapes, residents, and living conditions with an emphasis on historical and cultural connections with Scottish migrations. In 2017 and 2018, I followed Dr William Fraser, (third generation of Scottish descendants who lives in Dundee QC) visited Scotland with the purpose of tracing Fraser’s family roots. During these trips, we discovered the ruins of the traditional stone dwelling where Fraser’s great-great-grandmother was born and the churchyard where his great-great-grandfather is buried.

The research component of this project focuses on historical archives and found objects both from culture and nature within these two countires. Juxtaposing photographs with historical archives and found objects I assemble a range of media from different historical periods and different geographical locations with the aim of bridging the past with the present and creating montages about Dundee in order to represent stories of Scottish immigration.

Dundee as a case study addresses questions regarding how the history of migration shapes our culture, identity, and way of living. Ultimately Dundee aims to provide a perspective on contemporary global migration, displacement, and political uncertainty.