Dundee / Canada and Scotland (on going)

Dundee is a long-term, on-going and research-based project that I started in the year of 2017. Dundee is a rural township located in the southwestern corner of the Montérégie region of Quebec Canada. Scots settlers arrived and settled in this region in about 1800, giving this place a name from their homeland: Dundee in Scotland. This project focuses on Dundee’s evolution over time in relation to the stories of Scottish migrations.

The research component focuses on historical archives and found objects both from culture and nature. Juxtaposing my photographs with research materials and found objects is putting together different media from different historical periods. I aim to bridge the past with the present and to create montages about this land in order to represent the stories of Scottish immigration.

In 2018, supported by The Canada Council for the Arts I am able to continue this project by tracing the origin of Scottish immigration in Scotland. The trip allows me to discover the very beginning of the Dundee story. The significance of returning back to the origin provides insight as to how the history of migration shapes our culture, identity and the way of living. The juxtaposition of my collected visual materials and found objects from various places in two countries makes this project to be more reflective and contemplative. This project connects different historical periods, different geographical locations, different cultures within the form of art and to tell the stories of human migrations.